Benefits of running in cold weather during the winter season

» Posted on Jun 11, 2020 in Running

Benefits of running in cold weather during the winter season

Everyone is lazy to wake up early morning and doing exercise during the winter season as the climate will be very cold outside. If you want to prevent you from excess fat gain, then you need to bundle up with your workouts. Scientists say that your burns more calories being cold as it aims for non-shivering thermogenesis that is your body will feel the chill but it will not have shivered due to boosting of metabolic rate that is up to 30%.

During winter, if you do workouts outside then you will lose 5 times of calories than in the warm temperature. So many scientists suggest to workout outdoors in the early morning than training indoors as it has many benefits of running in winter.

Benefits of running in cold weather

During the winter season, many people like to work out indoors as it will be very cold outside but there are many pros of cold weather running.

winter season

While you are running outdoors in the winter season that too in cold weather, your body has to work for 5 times than in warm as it has to perform not only the cardiac but also have to work to keep your warm. So to keep your body, the NST response will boost up your metabolic rate up to 30% after and while you are running and so your body gets its normal temperature back.

During the winter season, bad weather and dark evenings will leave you to feel low and lethargic. Here is good news for you that running outdoors in the early morning during the winter season’s cold weather is good for your cardiac activities and it boosts the serotonin levels that make you feel more energetic and happy. This also helps you feel active for the whole day as your body had burned more energy and also you will gain fat.

According to the evolutionary fact, your body will store more fat during the winter season but if you’re running in the cold winter then your body will burn more energy when compared to the warm temperature running, and also when you are running in the cold weather you will not sweating.

Researchers have found that if you are being out in the cold weather then your glucose rate in your body will rise to 15% than normal.


Thus, you can work for less time in winter as your body burns more calories when comparing to the summer season as the winter season workout is equal to 5 times of the summer season workout.

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