Should I track my heart rate while working out?

» Posted on May 9, 2020 in Health and Sport

Should I track my heart rate while working out?

Everyone should wear a fitness tracker or smartwatch to track the heart rates during a workout which is a simple measure of the number of heart beats per minute. In fitness studios, exercise programs are created that are heavily based on achieving a certain heart rate by defining heart rate during exercise. It is strongly believed that if your heart rate is fast enough then your body is burning the calories even at your end of the training session.

If you want to make your workout best by using the heart rate tracker, then you have to first be familiar with the heart rate concept. You can go to the doctor’s office for a stress test or also many ready-made formulas are available based on the heart rate. These formulas are the maximum heart of the persons based on their age and capacity.


Tracking heart rate during workouts

Tracking heart rate while working out is a personal guide that provides a way for improving your performance or for losing your weight. Also, heart rate tracking helps you I preventing the cardiovascular problems. Studies have found higher the heart rate the more you burn the calories and also your body takes some time to recover its normal oxygen levels even after the end of the workout sessions and this effect is called EPOC is excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption which is also called as after-burn effect. When the body is in the EPOC state, still it burns it calories. So, while you are focusing on losing the weight, you also have to aim in focusing on your heart rate and you have to avoid the workouts that make your heart rate going over 85% of your normal maximum heart as there is an increased cardiovascular risk.

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Benefits of monitoring the heart rate

Measuring heart rate when exercising is the perfect way of checking the intensity of your workout and these also like your personal coach that tells you to slow down or intensify your workouts. It is safe for you as you can avoid the cardiovascular risks and also you have better measurements of burned calories in your body.


You have to aim high on focusing the heart rate while you are focusing on the weight loss and you have to avoid the workout if your heart rate rise over 85% of your normal maximum rate due to the increased cardiovascular risks during that particular level.

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