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True life – I’ve been food shamed

Tomorrow (November 13th) is world kindness day! Which to me is the perfect time to have a conversation about food shaming. Two years ago I had someone at Thanksgiving first…

10 Ways to Love Peanut Butter

Lately I’ve been all about the wacky National holidays/months and I found out that November is not only National Diabetes Awareness but also Peanut Butter Lovers month. This inspired me…

Simple Self-Care

Self-care is important and as of late I think it is trending. I see more and more memes, Instagram hashtags and posts encouraging the need for self-care. I like calling…

Redefine Food Rules

Have you ever tried making changes to your body? I recently heard a statistic that said nearly half of all Americans say they are trying to lose weight. This is…

Meet the Brewer

Hi, Im Jessi! I'm a beer-loving registered dietitian with a no size fits all approach to nutrition and life. I care about making nutrition livable, doable and guilt free. Join me! Read More


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