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Welcome to Nutrition Brewed [for two!], my name is Jessi and I’m a registered dietitian living in the beautiful state of Michigan. I am also a newly wed (Aug. 2018) who loves cooking, being active, and playing board games with my husband. Also, we recently adopted a three year old cat and named her Sofie. You’ll see her in the “outtakes” of my photography because she likes to be involved in what I’m doing…all the time.

Nutrition Brewed [for two] has a no size fits all approach to nutrition. I’m a big believer that new and old practices have a purpose when it comes to helping people learn new habits and behaviors. Here at nutrition brewed I plan to deliver simple, practical tips to cook, eat, and drink for two. 

A snapshot from our engagement session, Photo credit Sydney Marie Photography

Craft beer became a part of my life when I met Steve (my husband) who’s passion for it excited me and who’s knowledge for it made me want to learn (and taste!) more too. However, it really wasn’t long before all the flights of beer we tried caught up with me. I started putting on weight, I wasn’t balancing my intake, and I struggled because I really wanted to enjoy the beer with Steve (all the time) and I was trying to navigate this new relationship. At Nutrition Brewed, I’m going to share with you how I keep my own intake of beer, food, activity and health balanced. Also, you’ll likely see beer/brewery reviews, beer and food pairings, and recipes to including beer as well!

Photo credit Sydney Marie Photography

When I started this blog, I realized I was still blogging the way I used to when I was single and free (haha jk!!). I started chatting with my friends who are walking the walk every day and we talked about why it can be so difficult to cook for two at home. A number of struggles come up; too many leftovers, not enough leftovers, bland recipes, budgeting, sticking with your meal plan, and difference in taste palettes. Stick around with me, grab a brew, and we’ll learn how cooking for two can be exciting, fun, budget friendly, healthy, flexible and doable. Remember, with any change you try to make it’s about progress and not perfection!



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